Fujimasa Co., Ltd.  Concept


The “three virtues” (santoku 三徳) are
(1) light and soft,
(2) pure and clean, and
(3) under the rules.

“Light and soft” = value the light taste and soft mouthfeel.
“Pure and clean” = food must be clean.
“Under the rules” = follow the set procedure correctly and the seasons.

In Santoku, there are three uses of seasonal ingredients,
(1) using,
(2) seasoning,
(3) performing.

Zen Buddhism observes this Santoku,
and teaches that food is added by the “six flavors” (rokumi 六味),

(1) sweet,
(2) tart,
(3) hot,
(4) bitter,
(5) salty and
(6) bland.

Keeping in mind the concept of Japanese cuisine
from the Zen culture “Santoku-Rokumi”,
and we propose a modern “dining” style that mixing Japanese
and Western cultures through ware.